Kate Guentzel

                                       Kate Guentzel

The Pink Unicorn

April 6 - 21

Written by Elise Forier Edie
Directed by Michael Robins

In this award-winning solo piece, Ivey Award-winning Kate Guentzel plays Trisha, a Christian widow, who must choose sides in her conservative Texas town after her teenage daughter announces she is "gender queer" and starts a chapter of the Gay Straight Alliance at the local high school. With sharp wit and humor, this rich and poetic story explores what it means to be a parent and a community in these changing times.

Inspired by personal events experienced by the playwright, Elise Forier Edie, the “powerful message of this brilliantly wise and inspiring work” (NY Theater Now) has touched audiences across the United States and Canada. After witnessing gay people being shunned and excluded from a local school and church, Edie explained that she began writing The Pink Unicorn “in an effort to deal with my anger and fear around these incidents.
What were these people so afraid of?  Why would they twist logic and defy reason and even hurt their own children to keep the harmless LGBTQ community from coming out, and enjoying the rights of every other American? And what could I do about it? How could  I change it?
How could I make a difference?”

This is the story of this Mom standing up and becoming an advocate for her daughter against the Church, the School, her own Mother, and all
kinds of hate speech. It’s about what a Mom will do for her kids.

Tickets: $25 - $35
Discounts available for students, seniors, military with valid ID and groups of 10+.

What the critics are saying:

“Executive Producing Director Michael Robins wisely cast and directs Kate Guentzel in the one-woman show… This is a powerful tale, presented in an intimate way, with Trisha talking to us in a conversational and heartfelt manner that feels genuine and moving.” - Pioneer Press

“Bring your families, friends, church group and bookclub to The Pink Unicorn…. This amazing play will not only give you lots to discuss, but
may even touch your hearts and change your minds.”

“Kate Guentzel’s masterful performance is one of those “don’t miss” moments in this year’s theater season.” - PhenoMNal

“…(a) tour de force…”  
“...waste no time in making your way to Illusion's inviting space on the 8th floor of the Hennepin Center for the Arts…” - Cherry and Spoon

"Guentzel is an actor on a mission…[she] makes sure her [character’s] humanity always shines through…”

"Michael Robins' staging is fluid and natural…” - Star Tribune

“…very powerful…”

"I was not the only one with watery eyes at the end of the show. This is a wonderful and touching show for anyone who cares about the trans community or who loves transformative storytelling.” - Twin Cities Stages


Remaining Performance Schedule:

•    Thursday, April 19, 2018        7:30 PM
•    Friday, April 20, 2018            7:30 PM
•    Saturday, April 21, 2018        7:30 PM (ASL Interpreted Show)