This play is dope, man!
— Middle school student, Olson Jr. High

Keepin 'It Real

Michael Robins directing the 2016 TOUCH for the Next Generation Acting Company ---Calli Kunz, Ming Montgomery , Comfort Dolo, Megan Burns, Stephanie Bertumen and Isabella Star LaBlanc.
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Jonathan Carlson,Director of Phtography as Illusion films TOUCH for the Next Generation .
Members of the Keepin' it Real Company—Megan Burns, Isabella Star La Blanc, Katie Robinson, Brianna McCurry and Daniel Coleman .

Members of the Keepin' it Real Company—Megan Burns, Isabella Star La Blanc, Katie Robinson, Brianna McCurry and Daniel Coleman .

Students' Response to  Keepin'  it Real

Thank you guys so much for coming to our school and showing us the everyday struggles and confusions of everyday teens.

Thank you for coming. I really liked your play .It showed me a power message that shows how we middle --schoolers act and how I need to change my ways to show people the real me.

Dear Keepin' It Real Cast Thank you for coming. I really liked the play, it was funny and creative, The different scenes were cool and similar to what happened in everyday life. I really appreciated the play.

I really enjoyed the play .this play related to my life a lot .This play helped me understand situations more in life .It also helped me realized different the right and wrong paths to take in situations.

This play helped me to know that I don’t have to hide things because some things I think I’m hiding my friends already know it .Thank you again.



This past year Illusion's Keepin’ It Real was performed for 800 Minneapolis Public School students. All the frankness, fun and failure that happens in high school comes out in this interactive performance piece built from stories of older teens who tell their truths to younger teens— so the new teens entering high school can avoid some of the pitfalls the older students experienced. Over the course of the performance the teen audience gets to interact and discuss how they would act if they were in the situation, deepening the impact and long-term benefits of the work. 

So many rumors going around and around
Gossip and Lies at the speed of sound
He said,
She said
They said?
Who Said?
Hey! I’m in no mood to fool around.
My head’s in the sky and my feet on the ground.
‘cuz what goes around, comes around!
— from "It's Just Too Much" song in Keepin' it Real.

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