“Illusion came to our school and changed the lives of our students forever.”

Illusion in Residence


During the past 40 years, Illusion Theater has perfected programs to take into the classroom. Our teaching artists listen to the needs of the classroom teacher or the after- school-team and then build a tailored program to address learning needs. The program can be presented through the regular school day, in after-school programs, or with a specific community partner.

Currently, Illusion has ongoing partnerships with schools including: Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Center, Patrick Henry High School, South High School, Highland Park Junior High, Irondale High School, New City School, Richfield Junior High, Youth Care, Youth Link, Indian Magnet, Ikidowin, and Hopkins Junior High.

A  participant  in the Courage Center performance. 

A  participant  in the Courage Center performance. 

Ikidowin youth performing their play  WAIT .

Ikidowin youth performing their play WAIT.

Students using Improvisational skills to develop  work .
What I got out of the experience of the show we created with Illusion “You don’t know the half of it” is that nobody’s life is perfect. We all have our own problems, whether it is peer pressure, feeling your parents are abandoning you, abusive relationships, feeling isolated, etc. When we share our problems we realize our lives are not as golden as we thought, and that the grass on the other side isn’t greener, but the same. During Illusion, we all made friends with each other and we all caught glimpses of the stuff bothering us from the inside,
that unknown “Half of it.”
— Mary , a student from Irondale High School

For more information about Illusion in Residence , please contact Karen Gundlach, Director of Education here.