February 1-17, 2019

In a temple on a mountaintop live a sisterhood of warrior priestesses, dedicated to the goddess Athena. But when a talented young novitiate joins the order, a shift in power threatens to tear the community apart. Inspired by Medusa's origin story, scored by composer/musician Walken Schweigert, and reimagined by an all-female performing ensemble, The Devout explores themes of betrayal, healing, and rage.

Conceived and Directed by Isabel Nelson
Created by the Ensemble

Featuring: Heather Bunch, Cristina Florencia Castro,
Natavia Lewis, Adelin Phelps, Siddeeqah Shabazz,
and Allison Witham

Assistant Directed by Joy Dolo
Music Composed and Performed by Walken Schweigert

...the grace, economy and imagination with which Transatlantic Love Affair enacts this tale is a joy to experience, and bears testimony to the power of dramatic arts pared down to their simplest form, where the essence of story is everything.
— Arthur Dorman, Talkin' Broadway
“The Devout” feels like it’s trying to bring a little light into the world with its insistence that women are warriors, friends, betrayers, jokers, teachers, students.
— Chris Hewitt, Minneapolis Star Tribune
Illustration: ️AK; follow on Instagram @AEYSHAMADEiT

Illustration: ️AK; follow on Instagram @AEYSHAMADEiT

Click the photo to learn more about Transatlantic Love Affair

Click the photo to learn more about Transatlantic Love Affair

Transatlantic Love Affair has honed this physical theater technique to a fine art. The performers direct your attention so confidently, and in the context of such strongly imagined stories, that you might find yourself forgetting there’s no set there.
— Jay Gabler, City Pages


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