Illusion Theater Staff

Bio Karen Gundlach
Education Director
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Bio Shandai Kurylo
Audience Services Manager
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Bio Raina Linnerson
Communications Director
After serving as Illusion Theater's Audience Services Manager for three years, Raina became the communications director.
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Bio Bonnie Morris
Producing Director
Bonnie has been a part of Illusion Theater’s remarkable 35+ year history as an actor, writer, educator and producer.
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Tiffany Robins
Development Coordinator
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Jayne Robins
Tour Coordinator
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Bio Michael Robins
Executive Producing Director
Michael founded Illusion Theater in 1974. Over the past 35+ years, he has guided nearly 350 plays to production.
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Sarah Salisbury
Production Manager
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Anne Ulseth
Public Relations Manager
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