Peer Education in Action

View videos from our innovative education programs:

Darneisha Jones Change Fellows Program (above)

Darneisha talks about her goals since participating in Illusion's Keepin' It Real and Girls In Action program. 


Ready Set Action 2012

Kids talk about the Ready, Set, Action experience

Ready, Set, Action 2012 - Bullying

Kids perform monologues about bullying.


Ready Set Action 2009 
Excerpts of work with middle school students in Twin Cities schools - including comments, performances and class work.

Children and Youth (HS only)
Work with High School Students in the Twin Cities.  Youth perform and discuss their thoughts on the work and the process.

Youth Perform Their Work (24-7 only)
Performance of one class of Minneapolis students in special diversion program.  They perform schenes, songs and poetry developed in their work with Illusion.

Youth Perform Their Work
Collage of work from several Illusion residency programs in Twin Cities High Schools - all of this is part of the curriculum-based class work.

Teaching Artists
Collage of Illusion Artist/Educators working with youth during residencies in Twin Cities schools.