Mission - Visions - Values


  • Illusion Theater's mission is to create theater that illuminates the myths and realities of our times and to catalyze personal and social change.


  • We will create theater that touches people deeply and personally.
  • We will create theater for the community around important and complex social issues.
  • We will produce theater in a wide range of musical, comedic and dramatic styles.
  • We will produce theater that gives voice to artists of diverse backgrounds, styles and viewpoints.


  • We believe in seeking out new and emerging artists and giving them the opportunity to develop and grow.
  • We believe in an on-going critical evaluation of our work that uses specific and appropriate ways to measure our success.
  • We believe that as an organization committed to change, we must be willing to change ourselves.
  • We believe that the fulfillment of our mission is ultimately achievable only within the context of stable finances.  The administrative organization must be strong, disciplined and flexible.
  • We believe individually as well as organizationally that we must provide an environment where difference in perspectives, in personal style, in aesthetics, and in our background and culture are celebrated and respected and woven into the fabric of the organization.