How many people are there, all having lodgment in the Human Spirit ?
Some say 2052.
— Orlando ....Virginia Woolf

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Want more Jeffrey Hatcher?

His new play Holmes and Watson is playing in Arizona with music by Roberta Carlson featuring Stephen D'Ambrose directed  by Minnesota native, artistic director David Ira Goldstein . This is David's last production in his 25 year  tenure as artistic director of the Arizona Theatre. The Arizona Daily Star  wrote —" this ATC production is the world premiere — is tight and clever and full of suspense — and has enough red herrings to feed a family of 40." For more information -

Jeff's  adaptation of Henrik  Ibsen's WHEN WE DEAD AWAKEN  is  now playing  at the Commonweal Theater in Lanesburo Mn. For more information  

Also, Jeff and Chan Poling's rollicking  musical Glensheen returns to the History Theater this summer with Jen Maren, Dane Stauffer, Adam Qualls ,Wendy Lehr and Gary Briggle. If you haven't yet seen it, call and reserve  your tickets ----it always sells out.


Remembering Edgar Davis

Edgar Davis passed recently. Edgar was a member of the Illusion Theater Company, he toured and directed TOUCH at many of our Peer Education sites. Currently he was living with the love of his life, Shari Cornish, in Vermont. Our condolences to Shari and his family and the community in Vermont where he lived, where he was a substitute teacher, and ran a store called The Whistle Emporium.

Nancy Riestenberg offered some memories of her times with Edgar

 "Edgar and I trained high school students in TOUCH.   We traveled to Nebraska and Montana, trips that took time to get there, and so afforded lots of conversation and storytelling.  He told me of his mother and father, both preachers, of art school and hip hop ( a new topic for me in 1992). He was the best partner, not only for the Illusion trainings but in traveling. 

We went to Lincoln on a small plane with propellers, my 6 month old daughter in tow.  As you might imagine, her ears did not like the change in air pressure.  Edgar was right there, fending off angry looks from other passengers with his quiet countenance and gentle smile, explaining the difference between circuit riding preachers and ones with a church, keeping me focused and unruffled. 

 When we went to Montana, we were in the northeastern part,  where the land is a gentle undulate of prairie, cut up by straight roads and telephone lines, vast.  I tried to show the quiet beauty of the place, but my pictures showed brown lumps and a grey horizon.  Kind of like mud.  His pictures used the telephone poles to show near, far, contrast, grace, impact.  That is why I left the direction of the play up to him, and kept the sex facts as my part.  The play was the thing, after all, and needed an artist.

 Gentle passion, graceful focus, practical artistry.  Edgar Davis.


 Nancy Riestenberg is now the Restorative Practices Specialist for the State of Minnesota. 

She worked at Illusion from 1982-  1994.











Isabella LeBlanc is on her way to LA for a screen test with CBS.

Saint Paul Actress, 19, Gets Callback In CBS Diverse Casting Call

CBS put out a call for diverse actors from areas other than Los Angeles and New York City. A 19-year-old St. Paul woman submitted a tape and got a callback.

At just 19 years old, Isabella LeBlanc is a veteran actor in Minnesota. Read more here: