Fresh Ink 

August 2018 Workshop:

**Please note, the August Fresh Ink workshop of this production has been canceled.

There will be a full production of Present this November .


  T Mychael Rambo

T Mychael Rambo

A new one-man musical story of how T Mychael Rambo has been “present” in his life with music, and how the songs and stories are a “present” he gives to the audience.

Directed by: Michael Robins
Music Direction by: Roberta Carlson

“Fresh Ink was the perfect platform for us to workshop THE GEST OF ROBIN HOOD. Through the process we were able to dig deep into the piece, discover its faults, enhance its nuances, and give it a first fully produced reading. Moreover, it afforded us three creators the time to be in the same room working only on this project - that kind of time is hard to come by when developing new works among working artists.
— Tyler Michaels, The Gest of Robin Hood 2016

How does Illusion keep coming up with innovative theater? 

With our Fresh Ink Series.

This Series showcases new, work-in-progress pieces that are in different stages of development. Aside from just viewing the developmental works, audience members are invited to take a critical look at the pieces and offer feedback in post-show discussions to those involved in the shows.

Artists who have developed works in Illusion's Fresh Ink Series include  Amy Anderson, Aimee K. Bryant, Ping Chong, David Darrow, Jeffrey Hatcher, Kim Hines, David Feldshuh, Beth Gillleland, Marian McClinton, Megan McCelland and Brian Sostek, Tyler Mills , Miss Richfield 1981, Allison Moore, Tyler Michaels, Jon Klein, Tod Peterson, Chan Poling, Peter Rothstein, Tod Peterson, Patrick Scully, Dane Stauffer, Kent Stephens among others.

If you want to see creatives up close, working right in front of your eyes as they develop new work, or see an artist being born, or watch new theatrical ideas, come see the Fresh Ink Series.